Fire Up 2014


Fire Up Handout


Digital Resources

Wikipedia:WikiProject_Spoken_Wikipedia – audio 

Wikipedia articles - visual 

dictionary - visual mind mapping

Digital Storytelling– slideshow tool

 Examples - virtual pop up books


Audio and e books  - free audiobooks - free audiobooks  - stories read by famous 

people - student-made digital books 

for beginning readers of all ages

Text Readers:


Content Resources - tutorials, 

videos, homework practice, etc. math, 

science, social studies - content 

materials for science, math, tech, eng.

online virtual manipulatives

mathvideos.html - math videos 


My Biggies: -- free 

UDL tools for all classrooms

free tools for educators - online interactive 

tools for use in the classroom

tdl/home.htm - many resources 

(digital, audio, visual) - Low 

tech educational aids such as reading 




Read&Write for Google Docs 

Select and Speak-Chrome browser tool

Online Dictation - Voice to Text