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Handouts, Guides and Tutorials:


Using Augmentative Communication

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Decisions

Comparison Chart of Devices - Enabling Devices

Tangible Communication Systems

Literacy and AAC


iPad/iTouch AAC Resources:

Apps for AAC - by Jane Farrall

iPhone/iTouch/iPad Apps for Communication  -- grid of apps with descriptions

iEducate - Communication and Visual Supports from Peter Schaafsma (MITS)

App Selection Rubric - Scott Marfilius


Hands-free Communication AAC Applications

Camera Mouse - (Windows, Free) Control your mouse with your head and eye position

Midas Touch - (Windows, Free) Designed as an on-screen keyboard for use with Camera Mouse

Staggered Speech - (Windows, Free) O screen AAC for use with Camera Mouse


Links and online resources:

AAC Institute - resources, training and information

AAC Intervention - resources, tips, links, training

AAC Tech Connect  -- customizable comparison matrix (free registration through MITS) - now with apps matrix!

AAC at the University of Washington

Yaack  -- Connecting young children through AAC

Linda Burkhart's Resources  -- nationally recognized Speech and Language Pathologist

Communication Matrix -- assessment/evaluation matrix online

Georgia Project for Assistive Technology - resources and legislative information


Talking Photo Album Resources:

Hallmark - $25.00

Attainment - $29.00

Different Roads to Learning - $20.00

Speak to Me - $46.00


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