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IPads in Education

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iPad and Tablets in Education


Want to join the Kent ISD AT iPad listserve?

send an email request to kindysegovia@kentisd.org 


Handouts and Presentations:

Apps for Reading, Writing, Organization

START Conference

Peter Schaafsma's iPad Workshop

MITS iPad Facilitator Materials

 iTouch and iPad apps for Special Education  -- PPT with examples of apps

iPad Features 1

iPad Features 2

Weekly and Daily App Deals:

Apps Gone Free: iPad app with free daily alerts

App Tracker: iPad app with free daily alerts

Autism Apps: iPad app targeting Autism

Moms with Apps:  Free App Fridays (HonorRoll is the app version)

Best Apps for Kids: Free App Fridays

Smart Apps for Kids: daily deals

Digital Story Time: daily deals posted

Apps for All Students

APPitic: over 1800 educational apps

Apps in Education: organized by subject

Teachers with Apps: reviews with video and pics

Fun Educational Apps: in depth reviews 

Appolicious: detailed categories  

Famigo: organized by device and cost

Quixey: "find apps that do what you want" 

Apps for Special Education

a4cwsn: revies and video clips of apps

Spectronics: education and special needs

Apps for Autism: reviews by mom

Apps and Resources for Autism

Bridging Apps - apps for special needs


itouch/iPad apps for AAC  


Android-Based Apps

Droid Apps for Autism - review of apps

Bridging Apps - apps for special needs

Android Apps for Special Needs - a brief list

7 Special Needs Apps for Android

Android Market Education apps



Sample Educator Agreement Form

Sample Student Agreement Form

Rubric for Evaluating Apps - Sample 1

Rubric for Evaluating Apps - Sample 2

Rubirc for Evaluating Apps - Sample 3

Kent ISD iPad/iTouch Loan Agreement









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