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Free or inexpensive online supports for writing:


Solutions for Writing PowerPoint

Microsoft Word - built in writing supports


Keyboarding Practice - Chrome Apps:

Typing Club

Typing Lessons

Nitro Type

Type Scout

Typing Machine


Keyboarding Practice - Websites:

Online Typing Tutors - an extensive list

BBC Typing - 4 levels of practice

Rapid Typing - download these free keyboarding programs

Finger Jig - a 6 minute typing game/test with random words

Aunt Lee- typing programs from "Aunt Lee"

Free typing games - free games to play online

More free typing games - fast-paced online games

And more free typing games - more fast-paced online games


Spelling, Grammar and Writing Support:

Ginger - spelling support for all applications, free trial, then purchase

Ghotit - spelling support

My Study Bar - floating support toolbar with dictionary, text to speech, speech to text, planning tool, etc.



Digital Graphic Organizers:

Webspiration - free online brainstorming and mapping tool 

Mindomo - free online brainstorming and mapping tool 

Gliffy -  free online brainstorming and mapping tool

Bubbl.us - free online brainstorming and mapping tool


Dictation Tools:

E Speaking  - voice dictation software available for download, free 30 day trial, $14 license fee

iDictate - for 1 1/4 cents per word, dictate into any phone and have an email transcription sent back to you 

Dial2Do - $25 per year for basic features.  Dictate from your phone.

Recall - free for basic package of up to 30 second voice recording, transferring to text

Dragon Dictate for iPhone and iPad - this is a free app through iTunes


Digital Story Telling:

Glogster - create online, interactive posters

Voice Thread - capture audio for online digital storytelling

Animoto - create fully customized videos

Blabberize - create talking photos, EASY

FotoBabble - create talking photos, EASY

Storybird - collaborative storytelling, beautiful graphics

Photo Peach - create an easy Photo Story

Kerpoof has created a free story creator that provides many prompts to students as they generate text and ideas. Specifically, it limits students to 3 themes: alien, rock party, and pirates. For many students, limiting choice can assist task completion.
Story Maker - use this with reluctant writers to create a fairy tale

ToonDoo - Online comic strip creator

Make Believe Comix - Online comic strip creator
Wacky Web Tales - an online "madlib" tool  
 Writing Fun - watch this screencast to see how to use this interactive, online, structured writing tool to help elementary age students write descriptions, narratives, poetry, explanations, procedures, etc.
Read/write/think- Interactive digital activities (click the interactive links - there are many to choose from)
Online Note-Taking Tool (one of the interactive Read/Write/Think resources)
OurStory - online timeline tool
Mnemograph- collaborative, online Time Line tools

 Writing Fix - Interactive Writing Prompts
Sch olastic: Story Starters for Grades 1-4 - Story Starters is a bank of writing prompts. Student spins the lever to get a writing prompt. To allow for even greater creativity, the student can spin wheels to change any part of the prompt.


Word Clouds:









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