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Literacy Summit Powerpoint

Literacy Summit Handout


Bookshare Information


Supports for Struggling Readers - Powerpoint

E-text/Alternative Text Handout - comprehensive list

Reading Tools


E-books and Digital Text:

Kent District Library - search for audio books or e-books and check out online with your library car

Raz-kids interactive e-books for children

Tarheel Reader - collection of PowerPoint online books

East of the Web - collection of short stories, organized by genre

Giggle Poetry - collection of poems and activities

Gutenberg.org - free online access to out-of-copyright literature

Accessible Book Collection - subscription based digital book site for students with disability

Reading A-Z - subscription based book collection

Bookshare - data base of digital books free for students with disability


Audio Books:

Story Onlinestories read by members of the screen actor's guild

StoryNory - online audio books, read by professional actors

Librophile - Public Domain audio books

Books Should Be Free - public domain audio books

Lit2Go - online collection of mp3 stories and poems

Librivox - collection of books recorded by volunteers


Accessible Book Collection: subscription-based collection of audio books for students with disabilities 

Learning Ally    -Subscriptions available, for students with an identified reading disability or schools

Audible - subscription/fee based commercial audio books

Playaways - MP3 books available for commercial purchase

Other audio book resources - sites from the UDLtechtoolkit wiki


Text Readers:

Universal Reader -  Premier Technologies software, free to schools and families within Kent ISD

WordTalk - free text-reader for Word with talking dictionary and mp3 converter

NaturalReader - free text-reader available online (premium voices available for an extra fee)

ReadPlease - free text-reader available online (premium voices available for an extra fee)

PowerTalk - free text-reader for PowerPoint

Additional Text Readers - from UDLtechtoolkit wiki


List of eBook reader software for all platforms - http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/E-book_software


Sites with Scaled or Tiered Reading Levels:

Ben's Guide- guide to US government by grade level

Starchild- space and astonomy

The Brain- the brain and it's behavior

Wikipedia use the "Simple English" link available in the language choices on the left.  Converts text to 'simpler' format.


Sites that Help Determine Readability of Text: 

Juicy Studio - input a URL or website location and the readbility will be calculated

Using English - Cut and paste into this site for Readability stats.


Vocabulary, Dictionary and Thesaurus tools:

Visual Thesaurus- a very visual thesaurus

Mirriam Webster Visual Dictionary - online visual support

Snappy Words -online visual dictionary thesaurus

VisuWords - online visual dictionary/thesaurus

WordSmyth- look up words on any webpage, create quizzes, make a glossary, create a crossword puzzle. etc.

Vocabahead - vocabulary word videos

Wordia - video vocabulary hosted on YouTube

Harcourt Talking Dictionary - pictures and audio for elementary students

Many Things - vocabulary with pictures, video pronunciation and games



Spelling City -customizable online spelling that makes practice fun

ICT games - customizable online spelling practice

Spell A Picture - Pictoral spelling program

Woodlands School Site - free online games for spelling, language, written expression skills, etc.

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