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Visual Supports and Boardmaker

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Resources for you Boardmaker needs:


Free online sources for pictures:

ConnectABILITY Visuals Engine - online Boardmaker alternative (free)

SymbolWorld  - symbol sets, current events news, activities, stories

Sclera Picto's - free black and white symbols, by category

Pics4Learning  - pictures and graphics free for use in education, catalogued by category

Do2Learn - free picture cards, activities and other resources


Subscription-based online sources for pictures:

Mrs. Riley  - Online Boardmaker Alternative ($5/month or $45/year)

LessonPix - Online resource for customized visual learning materials ($36/year)

AbleNet Pogo Boards - Online AAC & Boardmaker Alternative.  App available. ($69/year)


Activities and ideas:

Symbol World: free activities and ideas using picture symbols

Speaking of Speech - free downloadable PDF files of activities using Boardmaker symbols (scroll down to categories)

Do2Learn - free pictures and activities

TinSnips - free activities and ideas,  many printables

News 2 You - fee-based online and printable current event activities with picture support for students with special needs

Unique Learning System - fee-based standards based curriculum for students with special needs.



Boardmaker links and downloads - from Glenda's Assistive Technology 

More Boardmaker links and downloads - from Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs 


Picture-supported books and text:

Adapted Books - hundreds of books adapted with Boardmaker pictures, from Baltimore City Schools

Adapted Books -  adapted with Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols and PowerPoint,  from New York city Dept. of Education


Social Stories to download or sample:

Socials Stories and Resources - PBISWorld's extensive list of story links and resources

Free Social Stories - list of social stories from various sources (from One Place for Special Needs)

Social Stories - 8 simple stories with some pictures such as Getting Dressed, Playing With Friends, etc.

Social Stories - over 20 social stories in either PDF, Word, or PPT format (Little Tor Elementary School)

Autism Inspiration - stories created by a mom for her son

Aspergers Social Stories - a variety of stories

Watson Institute - Behavior social stories

SunCastle Software - free social story samples

Speaking of Speech Social Stories - downloadable samples and topics


Model Me - social stories for purchase



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